The Davies Family

The weather in early December looked liked it could either way, but more importantly young Grace was in the mood for a play. Let's throw caution to the winter wind we thought and have some fun... 

The Davies Family

The Davies' at Winterbourne Gardens



Why did you choose Me & I Photography?

Our decision to proceed with a photoshoot by Matt was influenced initially by the quality of his portfolio but then also by talking to him and hearing his ideas about the kind of photos he envisioned for my family

What prompted the shoot ?

We realised that all the photos we own consisted of either Grace on her own, or one of us with her and the other one taking the photo, so we decided that we needed some more quality photos of us all together as a family. We had also decided that these photos would be used as christmas presents to family.

Where was your shoot?

Our shoot took place at Winterbourne Gardens in Edgbaston

What was it like to be a part of?

It felt just like any normal afternoon we spend with Grace, which was exactly what we wanted. We don’t like staged studio-based photos.

How would you describe the images produced from your shoot?

We were very pleased with all the photos. Like most people, we use our phones to take snaps and have rarely come anywhere near to the quality Matt has produced for us. We used Matt’s website to choose our very favourites, which were printed out and framed to give to family as gifts

What are your 2 favourite images?

1. The close up of grace in the kids room

Close-up of Grace in colour

2. The one with me squatting down next to grace and her smiling

Father and daughter

What has been the reaction of others to the images?

Our families loved the photos and have pride of place on all our mantlepieces. Friends on Facebook were also very impressed

Could you sum up the experience and would you recommend it to others? 

The experience was completely natural and enjoyable. Matt was both friendly and professional and Grace took to him immediately. We would definitely recommend his services to anyone looking to get some very special photos of their family or event