The Birch Family

A crisp cloudless January sunday were the conditions for a wonderful fun filled family shoot with ...

The Birch Family


Why did you choose Me & I Photography?

 I'd seen some other photos Matt had taken on Facebook and thought he was a very talented photographer.  I was really excited in the run up to the shoot as I knew the photos would be ones we could look back on in years to come with happy memories.

What prompted the shoot ?

 As a family, it's often difficult to get nice shots of us all together, as Freddie rarely sits still now and he's at the age where he wants to be taking the pictures or looking at the photos you've taken rather than sitting and posing!  So the thought of a dedicated time just for family pictures was something I really looked forward to. 

Where was your shoot?

Summerfield Park, Birmingham.  It's our local park, so somewhere we knew our way around and a place where Freddie has had lots of fun in the past!  I think it was really important to have somewhere Freddie felt comfortable with - had we gone in a studio I think he would have either spent most of the shoot trying to get hold of the camera equipment or wouldn't have wanted to have his photo taken.

What was it like to be a part of?

Pure fun!  Matt brought lots of props to keep Freddie entertained, like biscuits, balloons and bubbles (which were also plenty of fun for the grown-ups).  Freddie had met Matt when he was a baby, and hadn't seen him since.  However, he took to Matt almost immediately and really enjoyed the shoot.  Very quickly after the shoot began, I forgot that Matt was taking pictures, which is why most of them aren't posed shots, just natural, which is something that's hard to achieve when you're taking pictures of your own.  It was an absolute pleasure and a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

 How would you describe the images produced from your shoot?

Natural, happy, classic - photos to be proud of.  Thank you Matt - you made me and Dave look a million miles away from our usual frazzled selves.  The photos of Freddie in particular captured his character and you can really see how he resembles other people in our family.

What are your 2 favourite images? 

Difficult to pick just 2!

What has been the reaction of others to the images?

We were delighted with the photos and waited their arrival with bated breath.  They didn’t disappoint!  There are so many good ones, it's difficult to pick the ones we like the best.  Our immediate family love the photos and were very impressed.  They think they’re some of the best photos they’ve ever seen of us.  Our parents have been taking the CD of images round to their friends’ houses to show them off, and printing off their favourites and framing them on their mantelpieces.   

How would you sum up the experience and would you recommend it to others?

Absolutely fantastic.  Matt is a natural with people, and with a camera – perfectly suited to the photography profession.  My husband isn’t one for having his photo taken but he found the whole process fun and pain free!  We’ll always look back on these pictures with a smile.  I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants natural and relaxed images, or to anyone who wants family portraits but doesn’t fancy sitting in front of a fake background in a studio.  Having photos taken at play, in a familiar surrounding really makes the difference.  Often when you try to take photos of your own family, you can often miss the moment or get distracted.  Matt captured everything we usually manage to miss with our own camera! It’s something I would like to be able to do annually, and have it as a yearly family tradition. It would be lovely to have a high quality collection of photos which documents our son as he grows up.  Thank you Matt – you’re a star.