Andy Cowin

As the MD of  the information architecture consultancy Sanfire, Andy Cowin needed his multiple on-line profiles to be professional, polished but less 'corporate'. Let's see how we got on...



Q. Why did you choose Me & I Photography?

A. Personal contact with Matt and seeing his website

Q. What prompted the shoot - an event, gift for example?

A. A need for some professionally shot images to use on my website

Q. Where was your shoot?

A. The Custard Factory, Digbeth.

Q. What was it like to be a part of?

A. OK. Quite informal/casual

Q. How would you describe the images produced from your shoot?

A. Interesting use of the available textures and backgrounds created a unique set if photos.

Q. Could you please indicate your favourite 2 images?

Q. What has been the reaction of others to the images?

A. Very positive.

Q. Could you sum up the experience and would you recommend it to others? 

A. A relaxed shoot and an unusual way of taking portrait pictures has produced some memorable photos. I'd recommend Matt from Me & I Photography to anyone who wants a portrait that's a little bit different.